Safety, Fun and Fitness - these are the three key ingredients within the State Swim program.  From our Waterbabies to our Squad swimmers, we assure you that the safety of your child is paramount.

Our classes are built around safety in the water, culminating in our goal for all Australian children to be able to swim 400 metres of quality freestyle by the time they complete primary school.

As with any activity, an element of fun must always be present.   Fun motivates us to continue to learn and hang in there when things become a little more challenging.  Our instructors and coaches have a genuine love of teaching children - this is one of the key criteria when they are selected to join our organisation.

With child obesity levels on the rise, swimming is becoming an integral part of every child's lifestyle to ensure that they are getting regular exercise and maintaining a sound fitness base.  Whether it is for those swimmers who are looking for 'competition' or those simply wanting some exercise, we have made sure that our program caters for everyone.

Our philosophy is simple....

To passionately deliver the highest quality swimming experience for the safety, fun and fitness of all Australians.