Patterns of Learning

Children develop different skills at different rates.  That's what makes them unique!  Please do not expect your child to make equal and constant progress at every lesson.  Learning to swim is not the easiest of accomplishments for many people, children especially.  Progress can be determined by many factors.

Our committment is to develop your child's confidence, ability and strength in the water, in a structured and supportive environment.

Even with the appropriate equipment and instruction it is common for children to make little or no apparentprogress at some stage during their aquatic education.  In fact, they may even appear to regress for several lessons.  The reasons for this are many and varied, ranging from the challenge of a new skill, fear of failure to just having a bad day.  This is normal.  Be patient, our instructors are constantly encouraging your child.  We understand that this is simply part of the learning process.

As a parent, the best thing you can do is encourage and support your child at whatever stage they are at.  Your enthusiasm, encouragement and support for their efforts is very important.

Some children make rapid progress, others take longer.  We teach them all to swim at a pace that is supportive of their individual needs and skills!!