We believe in our service, our programs and our facilities.

We thank you for your interest and know that you will be very pleased with the results you and your children will achieve with us.

The following information should help you to understand the benefits of having your children taught to swim at State Swim, Australia's leading swimming school.


Our customer service staff are here to help should you have any queries regarding your bookings or our program. Our customer care team is also available to assist and will also notify you of upcoming events and ensure that your childs attendance at lessons is noted. 

Class Grading:

Each child is allocated to a class upon booking.  The class allocation is largely based on your child's age and/or previous swimming experience.  In some instances we may need to assess your child's swimming ability.  Assessment is a straightforward process in which we simply review your child's swimming skills and then allocate them to the most suitable and supportive class for their current swimming ability.

This is a free service and you are under no obligation to book into the program.  Subject to availability on the day, we will offer you a complimentary class so you and your child will have a better idea of what to expect in the class situation.

Your child will be assessed regularly and will be promoted from one class level to the next when their skill development indicates this is an appropriate and supportive next step.  At each class level your child will be encouraged and recognised for their progress with a certificate of achievement.

Our customer service team and your supervisor will intoduce you and your child to your class and teacher and help you until you become familiar with the school.


During all swimming lessons there is at least one supervisor on the pool deck. The supervisor is there to help you with any questions or concerns you may encounter whilst you are at the school. It is also the supervisor’s role to act as a liaison between the swimming instructors and the parents of the swimmers within the classes. Therefore if you have any queries regarding your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our supervisory team.  We are here to help you!

Air Heating:

The air above the pool is changed 4 times every 60 minutes and is heated throughout the year to make the pool area more comfortable. During the warmer summer months the unit will carry fresh air from outside and into the building.

The ambient temperature on pool deck is maintained at 32°C.  This is the optimal air temperature to provide the best swimming environment for both our teachers and swimmers.  Whilst we know that this may become quite warm for fully clothed spectators, it is critically important to provide the safest and most comfortable learning environment for our swimmers.  If you are spectating we recommend that you dress lightly for your own comfort and bring a water bottle with you so that you remain well hydrated.

Water Treatment & Filtration:

State Swim schools are equipped with the latest water treatment and filtration systems.  Our UV water treatment system destroys the chloramines which cause the distinctive 'chlorine smell' generally associated with indoor chlorinated pools.  It also reduces the incidence of  skin irritation and sore eyes. UV is an extremely effective disinfectant, virtually no micro-organisms are immune, including pathogens which have been known to be chlorine resistant. This ensures that our teaching environment is not only the most hygienic and safe but also comfortable and pleasant to be in.


The use of goggles at every session is an important part of the swimming experience (for the safety, comfort and effective development of every swimmer).  If you would like more information about the importance and value of wearing goggles, please read the 'Goggles' section on this website.


Through our 'Learn to Swim' program we constantly assess our swimmers for progress and development, awarding them with a 'Journey Card' and stickers to recognise their milestone achievements and certificates for promotion to the next level of the program.  The State Swim 400 Platinum award is the ultimate achievement for young swimmers - demonstrating strength, fitness and confidence in the water!

Cleanliness & Hygiene:

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest possible standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the pool and surrounds. Should you ever have a query regarding this matter please do not hesitate to speak to one of our friendly supervisors.

Lesson Payments:

State Swim’s monthly payment system is designed to create flexibility for our customers ensuring that valuable 'Learn to Swim' classes are easily accessible. Various payment options are available, direct debit, electronic funds transfer via internet banking, phone payment or payment in person. Please check with your swimming school to see which methods are offered to best suit your family.

Family Discounts:

For information regarding family discounts, please review you preferred schools Timetable and Fees downloads via 'Our Schools' on the home page.

Lesson Timetables & Fees:

For a comprehensive list of all class times and fees please view the Lesson Timetable and Fees for your preferred school within the 'Our Schools' or 'Prices & Timetables' sections of this website.

Please note that class times are subject to availability and bookings can be made up to a maximum of 2 weeks in advance.

School Holidays:

State Swim Swimming Schools are open during all school holidays and our lesson program runs as normal. In addition to this we have a special school holiday program (Swimvac) designed to give your swimmer extra intensive tuition during the school holiday period. Information regarding this program will be forwarded to you two weeks prior to school holidays. If you are going to be away during any school holiday period we ask that you advise us to discuss special payment options.  We don't want you to lose any valuable lesson time.

Public Holidays:

Please note that the school will be closed on all Public Holidays unless advised otherwise.

Welcome and Enjoy!

If you have any queries regarding our program, please do not hesitate to speak to any of our supervisory or customer service staff.

We look forward to providing your family with a safe and fun, quality swimming education program.