State Swim Challenge

Completing the State Swim Challenge (400m non-stop freestyle swim) demonstrates strength and confidence in the water.  To achieve this in the fastest time is a testament to the swimmers ability and commitment.

Our Swim Schools acknowledge the efforts of their fastest swimmers and encourage all swimmers not only to participate, but to strive to improve on their personal best time on each attempt.

State Swim Challenge

State Swim Challenge Honour Board

State Swim Challenge

Unley Challenger May 2017 - Jonathon Christopher

Jonathon swam like a true champion in our 400m Platinum with a time of 07:30:00.

Well done Jonathon, an enormous effort!!!

State Swim Challenge

Mt Barker Challenger - May 2017 - Annie Hooper

Annie was our fastest 400 Platinum swimmer, completing his swim in a time of 7:08:72. 

Congratulations Annie!!!!!

State Swim Challenge

Seaford Challenger - May 2017 - Tayla Young

Tayla has been swimming at Seaford since she was 6 months old she is now 8.
Having her first lesson in Bronze Squad this week, Tayla is a perfect example of what can be achieved with consistency & persistence.....

Congratulations Tayla!!!!