What is FloatFit?

FloatFit is a low impact, cross-training class for a fun, full body workout with lots of core work.

Benefits of FloatFit

FloatFit enhances and develops core and general strength, balance and flexibility.

The 8-week program builds progressively with weeks 1 and 2 focusing on balance and the development of basic positions on the AquaBase. As the participant’s confidence improves, the workout becomes more challenging and demanding.

FloatFit Intense
High intensity interval workout - challenging and high energy.

FloatFit Balance
Lower intensity workout focusing on balance, flexibitity and strength building.

FloatFit Meditation/Relaxation
Relieve stress - calm the body and the mind.

*We are the first organisation to offer FloatFit classes in Australia!

**Participants must be confident and comfortable in the water and be able to go under the water and re-gain a standing position unaided, in the event that they fall off the AquaBase.

***We encourage participants to wear either ¾ length gym pants or tight leg shorts for this program. 

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